What is Algorithmic Art?

A season of exhibits, talks, tutorials and performances from the rapidly growing field of algorithmic art.

The season will be centred at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro, from October to December 2019, and will include activities at other venues in Cornwall.

What is Algorithmic Art?

Algorithmic art is art created by mathematical or logical steps – an algorithm.

Algorithmic art can take many forms – from intricate ink designs on paper and 3D printed sculptures, to poetry and music crafted by artificial intelligence techniques.

For some, algorithmic art is a meditation on the beauty of mathematics.

For others, it is an exploration of how simple rules shape, move and grow our natural and technological worlds – simple rules that can lead to surprisingly organic patterns and sophisticated behaviours.

Algorithmic art is often created with a computer, given instructions using a programming language, known as code.

For many artists, the speed and untiring precision of a computer opens up creative opportunities not possible with a human hand.

The artworks in this exhibition were created by local, national and international artists.

Algorithmic Art Season at the Museum

Creative coding is easy and fun and an excellent way to learn important skills for an increasingly digital future.

We hope you enjoy the works on display and are inspired to try algorithmic art yourself.

We are holding several workshops and events at the museum. Why not come and join us?

Saturday 5th October-Exhibition launch at Royal Cornwall Museum Fun Palace, 11am-3pm
Saturday 19th October- Creating Coding for Beginners with Dave Webb. Suitable for all ages 7+. 1:30pm-3:30pm
Friday 25th October – “Larkhall” music pared with with algorithmic visuals performance and talk. 1-2pm

Saturday 16th November – Retro Oscilloscopes and Lissajous Patterns with Stephen Armor. Suitabe for ages 7+ 1:30pm-3:30pm
Tuesday 26th November- Algorithmic Art Panel Debate, 6pm-7pm
Saturday 30th November – 3D Fractal Worlds with Brod Ross. Suitable for all ages 11+ 1:30pm-3:30pm

Saturday 14th December – Beautiful Chaos in Nature with Hector Durham. Suitable for ages 15+ 1:30pm-3:30pm


Find Out More

You can find out more about algorithmic art by exploring the broad range of themes covered over the last 2 years by the Algorithmic Art meetup group

and a presentation given recently at an RIC lecture at the Royal Cornwall Museum: